The MAJ Program

est. 2013
Long term, In-house dance training Intensive

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What is The MAJ Program?

The MAJ (MissAndyeJ) Program is a long term training intensive for dance students seeking a more concentrated & intimate learning environment. Created and led by MissAndyeJ (International dance instructor/choreographer), dancers will work weekly for 1 - 2 months to receive specific and professional training. The most unique aspect of the MAJ Program? MissAndyeJ will come to YOUR location to personally work with YOU! (Within the USA & Internationally*) *Travel, accommodations, & living costs to be covered by host and are separate from MAJ Program training fees.

How many spots is The MAJ Program limited to?

The MAJ Program is limited to 20 - 25 spots. (In special circumstances, up to 30 students maximum can be accommodated.)

How will the training be scheduled?

Each Program schedule will be tailored specifically to each location based on need, space, availability, etc. Ideally, a minimum of 15 hours per week (Monday - Friday) would be set for training.

How is The MAJ Program different from a standard workshop/open class?

1. A safe, fun, and focused learning environment will be established early on to help students achieve their highest level of success. 2. Students will work with the same group of dancers for the duration of the program. 3. Specific focuses & techniques will be given throughout the process; students will never simply “learn a combo”. 4. Weekly one on one meetings with MissAndyeJ will include: individual discoveries, difficulties, constructive criticism, guidance, and any other personal growth strategies. 5. At the end of the 1 - 2 month term, participants will put on a professionally designed performance, Directed by MissAndyeJ, allowing them to showcase what they’ve achieved throughout the program.

What are the fees for The MAJ Program?

Fees will be tailored to each location depending on dance space ability, size, program format, performance venue, etc. MissAndyeJ will work with each host individually to personalize its program’s costs.

What topics will be covered in The MAJ Program?

The MAJ Program will be concentrated on dance training topics such as: - Musicality - Dynamics - Body space - Levels & more!!!

What is MAJ Online?

Due to COVID-19 an online version of The MAJ Program is NOW AVAILABLE. Click HERE for more info!

MAJ Israel 2019

Final Show



This program is what professional dancers need.

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There is something in here that makes me sure that each of us will achieve the goals we come here for.

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It changes you as a dancer and as a human being too.

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When she [Andye J] sees you dancing she knows exactly what you have to work on.

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It's so hard to get energy off a computer screen but Andye was able to do it every single morning.(Click here for more)